Samples Arriving on time are Key

An early FOXERS sample a for a holiday collection

house model Allie during a fit test -- holiday 2007.

In over 3 years of building FOXERS, I have learned A LOT about developing products.

Having your collections ready in time for trade shows (for me Curve) is critical. This is where I am today… market started this week and my factory promised the samples here and YES, you guessed it… no samples… no market. Although trade shows are VERY costly, we find it’s the fastest way to reach a large number of our customers. That said, most of our buyers like the one-on-one relationship if you have time to call them. I enjoy chatting with them briefly and hearing how they run their boutiques/departments/sites/parties, getting their feed back from their customers and on our product; as well as taking the order of course!

So, FOXERS’ new looks will be showing in August… but not at the shows.  They will be shown through email, pdf catalogs and lots of phone calls from yours truly and Sales team. If you want to see the new collections they will be in a boutique near you in the FALL and photos will be on our site after they hit the stores. You won’t want to miss the new styles. As a designer, this is my favorite time, seeing my new designs come to reality and hit the racks… even better is seeing them walk down the street on a GREAT customer, YOU!

Lesson: stay in touch with your factory representatives or you’ll be the one falling through the crack. Never again!

One more note…
Don’t let the market get you carried away with their ideas if they are not your vision. Listening to your heart and your customers (i.e. buyers who know their customers is the KEY). When I say ‘the market’ I mean… trade shows, color trends, factories and rumors of what is in and what is out. Just make great looking, good quality, and nice fitting clothing and you’re there.

I wish you a great time wherever you are and whatever you love doing, I hope you’re doing it well and learning every day like me.
To our success,
April :-)